Aims & Objectives

(A) To promote the Medical and Allied Sciences

(B) To maintain the honour and dignity of the Medical Profession and to protect the interest, rights and privileges of the members of the Association and to develop the sprit amongst the members for doing their duty, Medical, Ethical, Social and Civil in all aspects of the national and individual life.

(C) To help the profession in protecting and caring for the physical and mental well being of the people of Pakistan.

(D) To take measures for the improvement and advancement of Medical Education in Pakistan. guiance.

(E) To urging the Government to raise the standard of medical education in medical colleges.

(F) To carrying on a campaign against quackery and other unhealthy practices in the country.

(G) To maintain cooperation and solidarity amongst the members of the Association, and to faster the spirit of brotherhood.

(H) To draw the member of Medical Profession and the general public, they serve, closer ad develop better understanding between them.

(I) To give professional and expert help, advice and cooperation of the Medical profession to the Government and the organized bodies in their work on the administration and management of health matter and Medical Education etc.

(J) To guide and help members of the profession especially new entrants in the establishment of their career.

(K) To safeguard and defend the interest and integrity of the members of the Medical Profession through ethical, moral or legal means at the disposal of the Association.

(L) To help the families of the deceased, disabled and ailing members of the profession.

@Pakistan Medical Association, Dhaka on the 26th March, 1948